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8. Deutsches GeoForum 2020

Räumliches DSS für Ressourcenkonflikte der Wasserwirtschaft. LINK


CLIENT II Conference 2019 in Berlin


ViWaT - Engineering (PDF)
Coastal Erosion and Land Reclamation (PDF)
Groundwater and Surface Water Dynamics (PDF)


4th International Forum on Sustainable Future in Asia, Hanoi, Vietnam

Poster Presentation ViWaT Engineering (PDF)


VACI 2019
Hanoi, Vietnam

Smarter Water Resource Monitoring

KIT-AGW: Advanced multi-sensor systems for in-situ and online monitoring of water bodies
KIT-IPF: Monitoring Water Quality with Hyperspectral Close Range Remote Sensing
Ribeka: Smart city solutions – Online groundwater monitoring and data evaluation system based on a GSM and LoRaWAN sensor network in Karlsruhe, Germany
SEBA: High-resolution water quality monitoring of surface waters and groundwater in the Mekong Delta
BBE: River Water Assessment by Biomonitoring and Algae Class Analysis
KIT-IMK: Multi-dataset Perspectives on RainfallVariability in the Vietnamese Mekong Region
TZW: Advanced microbiological water monitoring: Microbial Source Tracking (MST) andFlow-Cytometry (FCM)


German Science Day - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Adapted Technologies for a Sustainable Protection of Water and Land Resources in the Southern Mekong Delta, 20 years of Science & Technology Cooperation between Vietnam and Germany 01 March 2017 German Science Day - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam