WP 2 Renewable energy potentials and construction measures

Achievements after three years:

  • Potential study for renewable energy in the MD
  • Feasibility study for renewable energy in the MD
  • Identification of potential building materials

Within WP2 the potentials for water, wind and solar energy in the target region have to be
determined. Cooperation’s with relevant companies offering those renewable energy technologies
(Vietnamese and German ones) will be initiated and synergies with the other working packages will
be identified.
A main factor causing the problems on the MD region is the extreme fine grained soil. This type of
soil makes the construction of structures for coastal erosion and flood protection very difficult and
nearly impossible. Furthermore, the southern MD lacks sufficient resources to produce conventional
building materials. More and above that, the production of conventional concrete is linked to
intensive emission of climate active gases. Alternative building materials have to be developed for
the target region. To guarantee the sustainable use of such materials, its corrosion properties and
potential mobilization of harmful substances will be investigated.