WP 0 Coordination

To increase the efficiency of the collaboration between the project partners, a central coordination of the group is necessary at any time. Particularly the continuous cooperation and exchange of content related- and organizational issues with our vietnamese partners will lead to a succesful outcome. Part of the coordinational work includes the representation of the project towards the BMBF as well as public relations. The main tasks are listed below:

  • Scheduling the subprojects and supporting content related issues
  • Representation of the project towards project supporters
  • Negotiating and exchange with vietnamese partners
  • Organising and planning of regular meetings
  • Public relations (Germany, Vietnam)
  • Cooperation with other waterprojects
  • Supporting the subprojets with data aquisition
  • Organising intermediate and final presentations
  • Assembling the intermediate and final reports
  • Organising workshops for capacity development