Surface water dynamics

Achievements after three years:

  • Establishment of in-situ and online groundwater and surface water multisensor-monitoring stations
  • Development of a data information system and integration into existing systems as available at NAWAPI
  • Identification of salinization and pollution processes harming groundwater and surface water resources
  • Identification of alternative water resources substituting groundwater
  • Specification of water treatment needs
  • Determination of spatial heterogeneity of land subsidence

WP3 specifically aims to develop sustainable use of water resources and implement first technological measures, in collaboration with vietnamese partners (NAWAPI & VIGMR) and BGR. The resulting aspects are processed by the project group ViWaT-Planning. At this point vietnamese authorities are enabled to (i) develop a sustainable waterresorce management in cooperation with ViWaT-Planning, (ii) understand and observe the processes causing land subsidence, (iii) develop countermeasures, (iv) enforce or implement coastal protection measures and (v) ensure the future of the Ca Mau peninsula.

However the central task of the WP is to identify alternative water resources. To fulfill this task, following steps have to be considered:

1) Quality monitoring and permanent observation of potential alternative water resources (e.g. Rain water, River and canal water, coastal waters)

2) Developing a water balance model

3) Defining necessary water treatment

4) Defining necessary water infrastructure


In the second phase of the project the implementation of the alternative water supply for specific regions is planned. The individual steps are illustrated in the figure below:

Figure 1: Oprational steps in the range of analysing surface water dynamics WP3