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German Science Day - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Adapted Technologies for a Sustainable Protection of Water and Land Resources in the Southern Mekong Delta, 20 years of Science & Technology Cooperation between Vietnam and Germany 01 March 2017 German Science Day - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


CLIENT II Conference 2019 in Berlin


ViWaT - Engineering (PDF)
Coastal Erosion and Land Reclamation (PDF)
Groundwater and Surface Water Dynamics (PDF)


VACI 2019
Hanoi, Vietnam

Smarter Water Resource Monitoring

KIT-AGW: Advanced multi-sensor systems for in-situ and online monitoring of water bodies
KIT-IPF: Monitoring Water Quality with Hyperspectral Close Range Remote Sensing
Ribeka: Smart city solutions – Online groundwater monitoring and data evaluation system based on a GSM and LoRaWAN sensor network in Karlsruhe, Germany
SEBA: High-resolution water quality monitoring of surface waters and groundwater in the Mekong Delta
BBE: River Water Assessment by Biomonitoring and Algae Class Analysis
KIT-IMK: Multi-dataset Perspectives on RainfallVariability in the Vietnamese Mekong Region
TZW: Advanced microbiological water monitoring: Microbial Source Tracking (MST) andFlow-Cytometry (FCM)


4th International Forum on Sustainable Future in Asia, Hanoi, Vietnam

Poster Presentation ViWaT Engineering (PDF)


8. Deutsches GeoForum 2020

Räumliches DSS für Ressourcenkonflikte der Wasserwirtschaft. LINK